Alec Dewdney Can-Fit-Pro Personal Training Specialist
Alec Dewdney Can-Fit-Pro Personal Training Specialist

What will it take for you to get in control of your fitness?

For many people, the effects of aging are regarded as inevitable with no chance of doing anything to slow the process and actually feel better.

Those that do take control often have a very specific reason: to slow the degenerative process; to overcome a physical limitation; to be able to continue to engage in the activities they love; to feel better about themselves or to just live longer, healthier lives!

In my case, it was to be able to perform well as a caregiver to my wife who is disabled — I needed to be able to lift her in and out of her wheelchair. So I began to exercise. Over time, I transformed myself from being somewhat pudgy and not particularly strong to a cut, healthy, and very fit “machine” at age 70!

Initially I worked out on my own, but the real transformation came when I began to use the programs and advice of a personal trainer. I learned the correct techniques to reap the most benefit from my efforts. In fact, I was so successful that I was encouraged to enter a natural bodybuilding competition and I WON!

Every day, I am reaping the benefits of my training efforts and I want to share what I have learned with others. I am now a CAN-FIT-PRO Certified Personal Training Specialist and I specialize in helping men and women of a mature age. I’m sure I can help YOU.

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